Our one-on-one coaching is for those who are truly committed to getting their message or book out into the world. The benefit of having a coach—who you regularly report in with—is deadlines!

Yup. Those cruel, cuss-generating things that loom over your otherwise enjoyable weekend activities. Without them few people ever finish their book!

With Finish Your Book’s one-on-one coaching program our experts can guide you on writing book proposals, the submissions process with agents and publishers, the various publishing options, help on crafting, packaging and writing the book, or advise you on book promotion, launch strategy and the steps to successful self-publishing.

The following are some of the basics we always cover in our coaching sessions:

  1. Book proposals and pitch materials – what is necessary?

  2. Choosing the right publishing path, exploring traditional, hybrid, self and vanity.

  3. Ways to save time, costs and effort during the editorial and submissions process.

  4. Identifying marketing channels to increase the chances of selling your work, whether its fiction or non-fiction.

  5. Structural planning and the setting of realistic deadlines!

  6. The submissions process to get your work in front of publishers and an analysis of the path is best for you.

  7. Crafting a title that will ensure your book sells online, in-store, to libraries and special sales channels.

  8. The key elements of editorial process and an analysis of which stage your work is at and what you really need.

  9. The book production process, including copyright, ISBN’s, BISAC codes, digital formatting and printing for self-publishers.

  10. Planning your book launch, with online and offline promotion.

  11. Ideas for ongoing promotion, PR and tools that will continue to sell your book!

Do You Like the Personal Touch?*

Get One-on-One Coaching Now!

We offer 3 kind of publishing, promotion and book packaging strategy coaching programs:

> 1 hour of coaching $150

> 5 hours of coaching $625 (discount rate $125 ph)

> 10 hours of coaching for $1,000 (discount rate $100 ph)

Make your appointment NOW! Call: (1) 310.453.7711

* Worried about location? *

Coaching sessions can be done in person (Los Angeles only) over the phone, or via Skype. Gemini has worked with clients in Brazil, England, France as well as the East and West coast of the USA—distance is not a problem.


* Not satisfied? *

If for some reason you are not happy with the service we offer, and for any reason you don’t learn something that is of value, you will get 100% of your money back!





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