Good Reads Joins Amazon: Where to Find Readers, Reviewers and Book Lovers Now?

There’s been a lot of buzz this week regarding the news that Amazon  has bought Good Reads, the #1 online community for book lovers.

The news of this mega-deal has caused fingers to flutter on keyboards and many a lit-lover to threaten pulling the plug on their Good Reads account.

Currently, the Good Reads community stands at over 16 million members worldwide, and is (or, was) by far the best place by far for publishers, indie authors and book lovers to promote, discover and discuss their beloved books.

Now that Amazon has firmly positioned itself in the driving seat, this may no longer be the case.

One of the reasons Good Reads attracted such a momentous following was in part due to the neutrality of the site, and possibly the lack of commercial presence, although against each book there are links to online book retailers where you can go to purchase the book — giving the user the choice that suits their pocket, location or reading device — however one can assume those buttons will eventually be replaced with one much larger “Buy on Amazon” button in the future.

So, as an indie author, publisher or disgruntled book lover, you may be asking “Where else can I go to chat about, write reviews, promote and share my love of books?”

The answer is …..

On a postcard?



Library Thing
Social networking site and forum for book lovers. Free profile where each book contains tags, reviews and links to conversations about the book.

Features weekly top rated books, top talent spotters. You can join the forum, upload books and post reviews (although this is owned by Harper Collins.)

Wattpad – a great online, global community where people publish, discuss and read e-books.
Another great site for reading groups and book discussions.  Author and publishers can also use certain facets of the site to promote books to reach this large audience of book lovers.
Another online community for book lovers.  Authors can set up home pages, post excerpts,  information about upcoming releases, notes and more info on personal hobbies and interests.

Join the discussions from authors, agents and publishers on all matters of writing.

Discover reviews, book giveaways, literary quotes, author interviews and so much more!

More of a book search engine, but you knwo what they say, meta-data matters!

Jacket Flap
Network with people in the children’s book business: illustrators, authors, publishers, teachers, parents and librarians. Discover new books, share your skills, have fun!

BookishFind newsletters, book and author news, and create a personal shelf, too!


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2 Comments on “Good Reads Joins Amazon: Where to Find Readers, Reviewers and Book Lovers Now?”

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    Reblogged this on Self Publishing Daily.

  2. May 11, 2013 at 2:18 pm #

    Another site worth checking out is Riffle:

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