Self-Publishing: Publishing Your eBook with Amazon

Are you ready to sell your eBook on or get your books on the Kindle?

Well, as we all know, Amazon is a locked shop. Meaning, they don’t use ePUB files like the rest of the industry, but rather their own formats, which include .mobi and the new KF8 for fixed layout eBooks.

They do have a software program that you can download from their site that will allow you (if you have a geeky teenager to hand) to transfer and convert yoru own content into these formats, but it’s not for the faint hearted and most definitely is for those with a serious knowledge of programming. Remember how you struggled to operate your VHS when it came out, then forget this!

As an alternative, you can hire a nice group of teccie geeks to do the conversion for you. The following is a list of Amazon approved companies who can take this headache away from you:

52Novels: Thinking about adding your book to the Amazon Kindle Store but don’t know how to start? Frustrated with converting your Microsoft Word file or PDF to a Kindle-friendly format by yourself? Less time plus less hassle equals more time for you to focus on marketing and selling your ebook. Also specializes in the creation of Kindle Format 8 (KF8) content.

Aptara: A leader in content transformation solutions, Aptara provides a variety of eBook services including eBook creation and content conversion in all eBook formats. Also specializes in the creation of Kindle Format 8 (KF8) content.

Booknook: Specializing in the affordable creation of ebooks, both fiction and non-fiction, for all platforms from Word, PDF, Text and other input file types.

Code Mantra:For more than a decade proponents of digital publishing have held out the promise of production and distribution efficiencies that would alter the future course of publishing. Also specializes in the creation of Kindle Format 8 (KF8) content.

CreateSpace: A leader in on-demand publishing and part of the Amazon group of companies, CreateSpace offers Kindle conversion services starting at just $69! *Available only for titles previously published through CreateSpace.

Data Conversion Laboratories (DCL): As the eBook market continues to grow and create new opportunities in technology, DCL continues to grow & adapt to these changes to develop & produce the best eBook conversions possible. Also specializes in the creation of Kindle Format 8 (KF8) content.

Datamatics: Datamatics Global Services takes a strategic approach to help publishers, media companies and retailers embrace the digital landscape. In addition to online enablement services, Datamatics also offers smart solutions for the media and publishing companies. Also specializes in the creation of Kindle Format 8 (KF8) content.

Digital Media Initiatives: Where complete automation is not possible, Digital Media Initiatives undertakes manual conversion of print books to ePub format and other popular formats. Top quality eBook conversions – fast and affordable, all eBook layout and conversions are created by hand in the USA and all work is guaranteed. Provides authors and publishers with ready-to-publish files for both Kindle and CreateSpace within 14 days. Every conversion includes step-by-step video tutorials to assist the author in publishing directly to KDP and CreateSpace or you can hire them to setup the titles for you to your own accounts.

Formax: Formax converts hundreds of thousands of pages per month for some of the largest e-content providers in the industry, delivering full-text capture or image header capture. Also specializes in the creation of Kindle Format 8 (KF8) content.

IT Global Solution- Office Conversion Partner for Amazon’s Mobipocket file format: IT Global Solution can help you with all of your data conversion services.

Innodata Isogen: Innodata Isogen is promoted as the industry’s leading provider of eBook services to major publishers and leading eBook device makers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Sony.

Laserwords: We have delivered media rich eBooks with powerful search capabilities, custom built user interfaces, annotation and collaboration features. Our resource capability in terms of quality and scalability makes us a preferred vendor with a track record of meeting challenging deadlines. Also specializes in the creation of Kindle Format 8 (KF8) content.

LiberWriter: LiberWriter is promoted as a friendly, easy system for creating well-formatted Kindle books. Their software helps you get the details right, and offers publisher support if you have questions.

Smart Site: Smart Site provides ebook conversions for Kindle and Mobipocket. Reasonable fees-fast turnaround!

SilverChair: SilverChair specializes in medical content and develops high-value, information-critical products for the health care community.

So, by using one of these services you can now relax, head out to the sun lounger and enjoy your summer. Or, use the hundred or so hours you would have spent trying to convert your titles on marketing your books instead!



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