Self-Publishing 101: How do you decide?

Self-Publishing 101: How do you decide?

There are a multitude of self-publishing options available in today’s market, some provide seemingly simple ways for you to get your book published at the click of a button.

Some will, of course, charge you a fortune for the pleasure, and others will offer all manner of marketing gizmo’s to encourage you to hit the buy button.

But, before you even begin to compare all of the self-publishing services, firstly, what you should really be doing is evaluating your career objectives, available resources: that means, time, money, quantity of skilled friends or colleagues who can help reduce your costs, and your ability and desire to be your own marketing and social media machine.

You see, although self-publishing might appear to be the fast and easy way to market, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right route for you. However, you can begin to determine whether or not this if you can answer ‘yes’ to the following:

> Do you have a lot of time to invest in promoting your book?

> Do you have skilled friends (such as designers, social marketing specialists, editors) who would give you ‘friends’ rates on their services?

> Do you have a decent amount of money ($5k – $25k) to invest in promoting and marketing your book?

> Do you already have a platform: regular speaking engagements, a healthy email list, a well-visited website or You Tube Channel?

> Is there a single area of marketing where you particularly adept: public relations, social media, TV, radio, events, lectures?

> Are you persistent, and someone who can stick at something for years?

> Are you planning to develop a ‘series’ or write other books on a similar subject/genre?

> Are you prepared to find a mentor or join professional industry organizations for advice?

> Do you have relationship with lots of individuals or organizations who can help you promote your book to their lists?

> Are you a non-fiction writer, or a fiction writer with a track record?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to the majority of these 10 questions then you are well placed to seriously consider self-publishing as the route for you.


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Author:Gemini Adams

Multiple-award winning, bestselling author, artist and founder of the Finish Your Book educational program.

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