Amazed by Amazon’s Author Focus

Amazed at Amazon's Support for Authors

Amazon, the book retailing behemoth feared by publisher‘s and author‘s alike appears to have chosen sides in the modern publishing war and it seems that David (a.k.a the powerless author’s) it the beneficiary.

For a long time Amazon has operated a database feature that provides a space for author’s or their publishers to provide information about the author, including an image, biography, link to the author’s website and even a video clip, which is then fed through to the Amazon retail site, specifically the About the Author section, which is linked to each book created by that author that is currently available for sale on Amazon.

Over the past few years Amazon has increased the content and interactivity of these Author Pages by adding blog feed and Twitter feed functionality, an add your author events feature, the option to add their Search Inside technology to your title, the ability to update your bibliography by adding any unlinked books that you’ve written to your About the Author page, and, just recently they’ve also added a feature that allows you to secure your own Amazon Author page url, such as,

Their motivation isn’t hard to decipher, the easier it is for your readers or target audience to find your books, the easier it is to sell them. However, in this instance, their capitalist intention is one that also serves the little guy. As we shift to a digital distribution and acquisition model for books, meaning that the majority of books will be discovered and purchased online, even if the actual book bought is a physical rather than en electronic book, the need to make your titles ‘discoverable’ increases exponentially.

During the 2012 London Book Fair, which I attended last week, the buzz word of the show was ‘discoverability.’ I know, it’s not even a word! But it’s what everyone in the industry is concerned about, from micro publishers to one-man-band self-published authors, even the exec’s of Penguin and Harper Collins appear to be losing sleep over how to make their books more ‘discoverable.’

And that’s where Amazon has kindly helped us author’s by leveling the playing field. If you go to Amazon’s Author Central you can create your own About the Author page, and by using all of the incredible tools built in to this section of the site, you can instantly improve the marketing of your books by making them more ‘discoverable.’

And, one you’ve done that, check out the brilliant new function added to Amazon’s Author Central to see how your sales are increasing. Once inside the Author Central area, click on the ‘Sales Info’ tab in the top menu and — voila— you will see a map showing the sales data (provided by Bookscan) for each of your titles across all geographical areas in your territory. It’s genius!

If your sales and quite what you’d hoped for yet, give your ego a boost by checking out the ‘Customer Reviews’ tab to see what your readers are saying about your books.

And don’t forget, persevere. It takes time to make your titles ‘discoverable’ in one country, let alone throughout the world. But thanks to Amazon that’s just become a whole lot easier.


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Author:Gemini Adams

Multiple-award winning, bestselling author, artist and founder of the Finish Your Book educational program.

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