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Finish Your Book – is the place to get expert advice on the complicated world of writing, publishing, selling and promoting your book!

If you’ve always thought you had a book in you, have started but are stuck due to overwhelm or struggling with structure, or don’t know how to present your work to literary agents or publishers, are confused by all the self-publishing options or your book has been published and you don’t know how to promote it, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Finish Your Book we’ve helped hundreds of students learn how to avoid many of the publishing pitfalls, the processes that are essential for creating a bestselling book and one that meets the high standards of the traditional publishing industry (as opposed to the low quality vanity or self-publishing presses).

We’ve also taught our authors how to get a book written in record time, and how to secure an agent or publishing deal— most of our students are now published, signed with an agent or in the process of self-publishing!

So, dive in. Learn more about us, our experts, educational classes and one-on-one coaching, and don’t forget to check out our success stories: we’ve had quite a few!

“Together, we’ll make it happen. That’s a promise!”


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Author:Gemini Adams

Multiple-award winning, bestselling author, artist and founder of the Finish Your Book educational program.

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